Reg McTaggart

Reg McTaggart is a regular at the Bay Of Islands Country Rock Festival.

He has a long history in the music industry, including:

1989              Winner of the ‘Buddy Williams Award’ at the Tamworth Festival and started recording with a small Dunedin based label QUE Records.

1990              Released       ‘Crossing Bridges’  

1990              ‘New Male Vocalist’ at the ‘New Zealand Country Music Recording Industry Awards’

1992              Released       ‘Dimensions’

1993              With Denise Hayes, winner of the duet section at ‘New Zealand Country Music Recording Industry Awards’

1993              Released       ‘Misty River’

1998              Released       ‘I Only See You’

2004              Inducted into the Gore Hands Of Fame, along with

Les Thomas (NZ) Ernie Andrews (NZ) and Gary Morris (Texas USA)

2006              Released       ‘Beyond The Reason’

2012              Released       ‘If It’s Not Love’

2014              Released       ‘It’s Hell Not Knowing’                                                

2016              Released       ‘The Way Life Goes’

2016              T.A.S.M.A.    Entertainment Honour Roll                                                                

The ‘Southern Cross Music Asssociation’ set up the TASMA Entertainment Honour Roll to show appreciation to those entertainers who have shown to be great ambassadors to the entertainment industry in Australia/New Zealand.



Guest at many festivals throughout New Zealand and Australia.

In 2014 was given the opportunity to record a 14 track album of songs that Dave Guillemot of Blenhiem had composed.  Only one of these tracks had been released prior to this album.

Again late last year was approached by Pegasus Music to record a 14 track album of Ginny Peters' compositions.