Branded Showband

BRANDED is a relatively new band comprising of mainly  four men who are  driven by their passion for country music and their ability to entertain. These men are no strangers to the music scene and  come together with their  unique influences and genuine chemistry - shaping country music.

Led by  Keith Willis on bass and vocals.  With over 40 years experience  in the music  industry he continues to organise his own Country Music Festivals and supports the Napier Country Music club. Keith has led other bands and has backed up numerous artists including Tui Teka, Dennis Marsh, Eddie Low and more recently Jodi Vaughan.

On drums is Robert Antonio with his precise drumming and occasional vocals he's the back bone of the band. After studying in Wellington for many years he graduated with honours in drums and percussion  from the LA Music Academy. He was also a drummer in the 7th battalion army band.

On lead guitar is Lance Murch who has won multiple awards at the Prestigious Gold Guitars with his blistering guitar work.  He's a full time music teacher at the local college

Napier-based Derek Evans is "Branded's" rhythm guitarist. He's been playing in Keith's bands for many years and was a founding member of the popular band "Shotgun". He has played at the Marton Festival for 10 years and at countless other events.

He provides the glue in a very strong rhythm section.