The Warratahs

Time table for The Warratahs

Day Lineup No Time Slot Venue
Friday 3 8:00-8:45 COPTHORNE RESORT
Saturday 4 1:30-2:15 SCENIC HOTEL

The Warratahs began playing a residency at Wellington’s Cricketers Arms in 1986, playing a repertoire of country based songs of Jimmy Rogers, Hank Williams, and the like they quickly established a following and a reputation for great live shows.

They recorded their debut album "Only Game In Town" which produced singles “Maureen” and ”Hands of My Heart”. They toured extensively throughout NZ & Australia building a strong following.

“Too Hot To Sleep” was the second album with the singles “St Peter’s Rendezvous”, “Taranaki” and “Fool’s Paradise”. By this time the band had become established as part of the NZ musical landscape. Now 30 years. With 9 albums and many awards gained the band is still touring NZ and loving doing so.

Their unique blend of lyrical poetry travels on a bed of country rock & roll, a lot of which embraces the NZ landscape. In 2016 they were inducted into the NZ Country Music Hall of Fame.

The Band has toured with The Highwaymen, Johnny Cash& the Carter family, Billy Joel, Paul Kelly and Sam Hunt.

The Band has now recorded 6 albums: “Only Game in Town”, “Too Hot to Sleep”, “Wild Card”, “One of 2 Things” and “Keep On”. 

They have now sold in excess of 100,000 albums. Their most recent album “Runaway Days” won album of the year.  They have won numerous awards and have 2 gold albums and 1 platinum.   Singer/ songwriter, Barry Saunders has just been part of the acclaimed documentary “new sound of country”.

Their live shows still have the fire that has always been and although they play the material from their albums, and some of Barry Saunders solo albums, they never go on the road without something new. This is a big part of what has kept The Warratahs flame burning. 
The Warratahs:
  • Barry Saunders,  vocals/ guitar/songs
  • Nik Brown,  violin/mandolin
  • Nick Theobald, bass
  • Micheal Knapp,  drums