The Toner Sisters

Lynne, Celine & Adrienne

Hailing from a Scottish musical family, The Toner Sisters grew up on Country Music when they emigrated to NZ in 1974. Dad Jim, fell in love with the genre when stationed in Germany with the armed forces as a young man and knew this was what he wanted for his kids. They embraced Country Music and never looked back!

After solo careers, the sisters came together late 2016 and have had a whirlwind of a year performing around the country at various festivals, clubs and corporate events. They have shared stage with The Topp Twins, Suzanne Prentice, Brendan Dugan & Gray Bartlett and have toured with Eddie Low and Tom Sharplin.

Back to The Bay of Islands Country Rock Festival for an encore performance, The Toner Sisters are set to wow us all again with their highly energetic, full vocal sound. Backed by Pure Dixie, their family harmony and sisterly antics will have you wondering what’s coming next!!

Take a piece of them home with you – CD ‘FULL CIRCLE – The Acoustic Sessions’!